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See what other people are saying about our Andover Park apartments! At Andover Park Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Lived here years ago, but still miss it to this day. They were affordable, in a great location, had incredible amenities, and had a great staff. My truck was wrongfully towed once, and they took care of it immediately. 5/5


I think everyone that resides here currently will agree that Maria at the leasing office is fantastic!! The staff here is friendly, maintenance requests are...


Really nice area. Nice pool and spa area too


I am currently a tenant at this apartment complex, and even though I had some issues with the Towing company that patrols the place I would say that this is a good place to live in. I love all the green and the shade that those big trees give you in the summer time, and overall it is good community. The office staff have some challenges since they have to respond to every service request and keep up with repairs and things like that but they try to get to everyone on time, they also helped me with a big issue with the Towing company and I'm really grateful for that. I would recommend this place to anyone that likes to live in a quiet community and knows how to respect others, that's all it takes when you live in a community. Thanks.


We've lived here for almost 3 years. No place is perfect, but here's what we like about Andover Park. Very pet friendly. Even big dogs, as long as they are breeds generally known to be people-friendly, are welcome here. The park-like setting here lives up to the name. The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained. Each building has its own variety of shrubbery and trees interspersed with large grassy areas. Andover Park rests near a creek and is surrounded by conifers full of birds that visit our feeders several times each day. Our balcony and windows look out on a beautiful stand of trees and a nice view of the creek. The units have an amazing amount of storage room. Big closets and lots of them. Some units have an outdoor storage closet. The front office staff do the best they can, no matter the challenge. When tenants meet them half-way, it gets even better; doesn't everyone appreciate common courtesy and patience? The Assistant Manager is almost always there and is the person we deal with most often. She is very good at her job. Overall, I would say that we usually feel like we're living in our own home at Andover Park. The list of important rules is not very long. The staff doesn't meddle. Repairs are rarely needed, but when they are, they're performed in a timely manner when the protocol for opening a work order is followed. The buildings are so well designed and insulated that we aren't even aware we have neighbors most of the time. We have only three gripes. Tow trucks troll the complex looking for business. People who are minding their own business and not infringing on their neighbors in any way can be towed without any attempt to find out what's up. Did you know that tow truck driving scum have the authority to issue law-abiding citizens a ticket for not putting their registration tag on their license plate? Or for parking their cars with the front facing outward? Or for parking their own cars in front of their own garages while they are inside their own apartments unloading stuff? Or parking in a Visitor space overnight, leaving to run errands, and returning to the same empty Visitor space (because the trolls think you were there for more than 24 hours)? Or for mistaking an uncovered parking space for a covered parking space with the SAME number the day you move in? Well, they can! $300 minimum. Bastards. Our other gripe stems from the downside of living amid lush greenery: shade, moisture and drainage. Pressure washing is basic to keeping slippery black slime and mushrooms (really) at bay. Drain spouts must be cleared regularly. I am sorry to say we feel that damage, inconvenience and unpleasantness arising the neglect to attend to shade, moisture and drainage is a problem here. A final gripe would be the unpleasantness that occurs when nearby units are upgraded. Upgrading is good! Fumes and noise, especially without prior notification, are not. Workers are issued sophisticated ventilation masks and ear protection, We aren't. Leaving a fan on all night just sends more fumes and noise our way. This is not OK with us. Otherwise, we love it here. Bar the tow truck trolls, perform regular maintenance to prevent problems caused by shade, moisture and poor drainage and ensure that tenants are not exposed to the effects of upgrades nearby and Andover Park will get 5 stars from us.



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